1. ADDRESS :

    Brilliant Science Coaching Pvt. Ltd.
    Corp. Office : "Brilliant House", Opp. Krishna Appt., Boring Road, Patna-1,
    Phone :
     0612- 3212004 / 05. Mb.No. 9386806850 / 51 / 52.

    Bazar Samiti Centre : 
    Address : 
    SBI ATM Building, Main Road, Bazar Samiti, Patna - 16 
    Phone. :
     0612- 3212006

    Ara Study Centre : 
    Address :
    Pratap Palace, K.G. Road, Ara
    Phone : 9905536703 

    Bhagalpur Study Centre : 
    Address :
     Sumrit Mandal Complex, above B.O.I, Tilka Manjhi.
    Phone : 930825111
    Muzaffarpur Study Centre : 
    Address :
     IFFCO Campus, Near Mithanpura Petrol Pump, Muzaffarpur
    Phone : 9308387487


    1. Every class room is well furnished and equipped with air conditioner.
    2. Every class room at all study centers are equipped with magnetic white board which help full for smooth writing for teaching point safe from any kind of dust.
    3. Every class room at all study centers are well equipped with wooden benches having seat number allotted to each student.
    4. CMV. Camera system is provided in each class-room. Which is help full to keep watch on class-room.
    5. Visualizers (projector) are available in some class-room.
    6. Mike system is provided in each class-room at all study centers.


    1. Student Facility Center: For Photocopying, phone, stationary and refreshment.
    2. Motivation & Counseling Classes: To make the students stress free and rejuvenated towards the target at regular intervals.
    3. Display and providing all relevant information about Engineering Entrance Examinations / Medical Entrance Examination and various other Competitive Examinations.
    4. Availability of School Contact and Accommodation List at reception.
    5. Information about absenteeism and performance of the students to their parents on a regular basis.
    6. Clinical Psychologist (At Patna Study Centre) : For Psychological Counselling and Stress Management.
    7. Provision to arrange Back-up Classes for weaker students or who missed the Regular Classes on genuine grounds with a prior approval.
    8. Help in Opening Bank Account (at present available at Patna Study Centre).
    9. Providing hygienic water & breakfast facilities.
    10. Student Grievance handling & Student vigilance.


    1. All Time Result (ATR) counters for first hand information to student and their parents when visiting institute/Kota about their wards performance.
    2. Lost & Found Display: To track the lost and found items.
    3. Teaching Aids: Projector, Visualizer and teaching through Models.
    4. Suggestion Boxes for students to put their suggestion which helps in further improvement of services being offered by the institute.
    5. Invertors Generator for uninterrupted supply of electricity in case of power failure.
    6. Neat and clean separate wash room for boys and girls.
    7. Aquagard & water cooler test for pure water.
    8. Sufficient Parking space with Security Arrangements.


    1. Daily Attendance of the students coming for the Classes.
    2. Every Campus is supervised by the respective Building In-charge and subordinate staff who ensure the execution of following.
    3. Security Staff to ensure the safety of student's and institute's property.
    4. Making the distribution and availability of Study Material, DPP at the location of classes.
    5. Supervising the Maintenance, Cleanliness and Parking Facility at the campus.
    6. Display of information of the specific batches at their respective Building Notice Board's only, thus ensuring time saving of the student.
    7. Library facility available only for Faculties at head office Patna.
    8. Suggestion boxes for students to put their suggestion which help in further improvement.

  6. All the locations are well equipped with basic amenities like :

    1. Separate problem room for solving individual problems.
    2. Proper light & ventilation
    3. Inverter/generator support for all buildings.
    4. First Aid box
    5. Sufficient Parking space with security arrangement.